SACSAS - Manipur

SACSAS Academy is a secular organization dedicated to socio-economic change in Manipur. In pursuit of this goal, SACSAS focuses on basic education in the belief that education is a critical prequisite for socio-economic change. It aims primarily at providing quality education to those kids in the remote/far flung villages in Manipur where there is no form of education system. It has been successful in taking education to the first generation learners and to an area where education is not being adequately addressed by the government, probably due to lack of political interests in these areas.
SACSAS Academy, New Dampi Branch in Manipur started its operations in 2009 with Asha Houston acting as the steward for this project. The entire school building construction at New Dampi was sponsored by Mr. Martin H. from London who approached Asha Huston initially for its approval. However, the recurring costs in the functioning of this school was a question at hand which led Asha Zurich becoming a part of the project to fund 50% of the recurring costs comprising of the salary of teachers, study tools, uniform for students, text books, school maintenance and scholarships. Asha-Zurich started funding fifty percent of these recurring expenses incurred every year from 2010.
This school in New Dampi village caters to 9 surrounding villages and has strength of 164 students who study in classes from pre-nursery to class VI and is the biggest among all the schools operated by SACSAS.

  • Project Status: Being funded by Asha Zurich (since 2010)
  • Project contact: Namita Agrawal
  • Here is the link to Project Summary
  • More information on the project is available at Global Asha website

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