Aditya Banerjee

Dear Friends and Family,

It is again time for Zurich Marathon. This Sunday the 22nd April I am attempting to run 17.5 Km for Asha Zurich. I want to raise a 1700 Swiss Francs and fund education for a 15 under-privileged children in India for one year.

Initially thought I would not run this year. My knees hurt when I run long distances. Years of sitting behind desk jobs is finally paying off I guess :-).

But then I enrolled myself for 17.5 KM instead of 9km that I did last year. I want to set an example for my son Shivraj who just turned 13. The real path to achievement starts where all odds are against us, things begin to seem impossible and our logical mind keeps pestering us to give-up and bail out. It matters all the more when we do it not for ourselves, but for lives of others.

Last week, my Uncle Arun Banerjee was diagnosed with terminal Cancer. They say he has only a few months to live. My uncle has been a friend and the principle motivator in my life. He taught me to ride a motorcycle, to play Tabla, to handle tools, to patiently repair things, to be electrician and a musician. He even handed me the opportunity to run my first ever independent business venture.

So this year, I am dedicating my run to my Uncle Arun Banerjee and his spirit to motivate others to their success.

My goal this year is to raise Chf 100 (USD 100) for every kilometer I run for ASHA (total Chf 1700). That will help AHSA sponsor education of 15 under-privileged children for a whole year. ASHA has no paid staff and has minimal costs. So almost every penny they raise goes directly into their projects.

Very ambitious it may seem, but with a little generosity from all of you kind souls visiting this page, I am sure we can achieve this.

So please donate generously; not for me, but for all those hopeful children. I am counting on you.

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