Indranil Bhattacharya

Friends, this year again, I will be running at the Zurich Marathon with Team Asha.

Running at this event is very dear to me. This is where my runner’s seed was planted. And that's why - I come back again and again. The nice thing about this event is that through my run, you and I, we both get a chance to do something good.

This is how it works-
I run 42.2 km - You make a donation for my run – With your donation and my run, we help a child to get education.
So let's do it together. And let's bring education to more kids.
And please, do come in the morning of 22nd April 2018 near the lake of Zurich to see human endurance and to cheer all the runners. May be next year, you would run too.
This is a small attempt, where a child is able to read, write, smile and play.

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CHF 422(10 CHF/km)
CHF 844(20 CHF/km)

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