Rajan Thambehalli


I took to running eleven years ago as a student. It started out as pure fun and with each run it became a medium to learn. I call running to be a meditation in motion and one of my main motivations since three years has been to enjoy this all-weather sport and keep myself from being stagnant physically. I am still striving for the right balance.


My mother who works with children each day always stresses the importance of education during childhood and to learn constantly. While learning has no defined structure or require any resources, education at grassroots level does require some sort of structure and funding. In India, the solution to most of the problems faced by the underprivileged can be solved through education besides providing them with food, shelter and clothing.

This year, I will be running as a part of a team - ASHA for education. Together we strive to generate funds through activities such as running which benefits both the children who are in need of education and personally - there is a satisfaction about being able to help in a cause.


There are people and organisations in this world who do think beyond themselves. Asha Zurich is one such volunteer-driven organisation where like-minded people contribute regularly the most sought after element in life - time. While time cannot cure all the problems, but certainly quality time dedicated to social causes can make life better for both donor and the receiver. In case you are not able to dedicate time, you can donate money for some of the projects. Have a good look at the website and decide for yourself.

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