Sheena katyal

Having grown up in India myself, a developing country where proper schooling is not a given, I know first-hand what difference good education can make in a child's life. I was lucky enough to receive good education and now I am committed to help Indian children receive the same privilege. That is why I am running with Team Asha 2019 at the Zurich Marathon. Asha's mission is not only to bring education to underprivileged children but to rejuvenate the entire community these children live in and holistically improve not just their own lives but those of their families as well.

Today I am asking you to help me support children from economically challenged parts of Indian society. I would like to see them become just as fortunate as I was as a child but I cannot do this alone. Hence, I am asking you to sponsor my run with whatever contribution you can make. Every donation counts, no matter how small -with CHF 12 you can already finance 2 months of schooling for a child.

As Asha is a pure volunteering organization with no paid staff, 100% of your donations are sent to our partner groups in India. In addition, all donations are obviously tax deductible, and we are registered with many companies for donation-matching programs so you can even make your donation count double. So any contribution you make – no matter how small –will help achieve the goal of bringing education and well-being to children and their communities.

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