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UNICEF report suggests that about 12 percent of global children are missing the basic primary education. And if you look into the upper secondary schooling, more than half of the world’s children population is missing out. The education is not anymore a concern for the poorer countries but even sustainable development goal of the world requires a population, which is educated. Education provides a path towards empowerment and empowerment has a positive effect towards equality. The World Bank report suggests a woman who finished secondary school is more likely to earn twice as much as compared to a woman without education.
In ASHA Zurich, we tried to raise funds to support our schools in different parts in India. Last year we contributed towards the education of about 1000 underprivileged children. Each of our schools are run by dedicated NGOs who not only work on bringing children to school but also teach them about health aspects, sustainable development, rights in constitution etc. Most of these schools are run in remote villages and tribal areas in India and are found to be one of the few places for quality education for people in those regions. I worked as volunteer of ASHA Zurich in different activities. Particularly working as project coordinator for one of the school, I could see how a small amount of 20 CHF/month can provide quality education, healthy meal and health care for a child in those remote areas. This was possible due to great dedication by our supported schools and NGOs. We have one school called ‘Nayantara’ where we support the full education of about 20 adolescent girls from the poor village in Sundarban delta region. Without this effort, most of them would have been married underage or worked as domestic worker with very little wage and exploitation. Each of our projects has stories like this. In order to support these stories as success, we need your support. Like every previous year, we are taking part in Zurich Marathon on 28 April. About 40 of us runners are taking part in this event for one single cause, which is fund raising for our supported schools.
As a part of this great cause, I am also taking part in the Zurich Marathon 2018 for 17.7 km track. And I know that with your help, when I will finish my race, there begins few more walks with school bags, few more smiling faces, few more empowered youths and few more confident minds. I would request you to help me in this cause by donating whatever amount you like to the following link


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